Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ebony Foot Fetish Princess Ladysheer

I waited so long for Ebony Foot Fetish Princess Ladysheer to re-open her site. As soon as I saw that she announced this on her new femdom humiliation site at I was so excited. Now she has launched her foot fetish site and it looks so hot. She posted huge new photos of her hot feet and prefect toes and I couldn't believe how lucky I was to see this. I visit her site more often than last year because I know everytime she does something, it will be hot. If you ever run across ebony foot fetish Princess Ladysheer, you will know its her because she has the look of a Goddess. Her chocolate brown feet are perfect just as the rest of her body. She has the hottest ass and legs ever.

Visit her ebony foot fetish site, trust me you'll love her!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nylon Sexy Ebony Feet

I think Princess Ladysheer has the hottest legs and nylon sexy ebony feet ever! If you are a foot fetishist like myself, you will know great feet and hot looking shapely legs when you see them. I get weak when I see her hot legs and nylon sexy feet, she always look so stunning when I see her wearing little short skirts, nylons and heels. I immediately take a good long look at her sexy legs and calves and I get to a point where I can’t stop watching her. It reminds me of a co worker of mine at the office. Princess looks so much like her in her bossy business suit. I love seeing her walk in heels. The legs on her are beautiful. They way she wears her hair, her sexy slanted eyes, they way her legs are built and they way she talks just drives me insane. Seeing my co worker strut near me excites me too just as Ladysheer does. I would drop my pen on purpose just to get a good look at her hot legs from the ankle all the way up to her thigh. I want to lick her leg from the thigh down and when I see Ladysheer in her clips with nylons on showing off her feet and legs, I get an instant hard on and I find my self jacking off for hours. At times I drain myself until I have nothing left. I love it when she instructs me to pull out my white wand and stroke until she says stop. I enjoy being Princess Ladysheer’s foot slave and every chance I get, I aim to please her until she is happy.

this photo came from ladysheer's site it is copyrighted

If you are into intelligent young woman like Princess Ladysheer and you enjoy watching nylon sexy ebony feet like hers, then you are going to love her clips that she has on her clips4sale store. All of her newest clips are added right inside her hot site and as soon as you enter, you will want to see more and she has more waiting for you inside. If I were you, I’d contact her personally and make suggestions on what type of clips that you would like to see. If you enjoy her showing off her hot legs and nylon sexy ebony feet then you will need to input that in your emails and she may add more of what you enjoy in her site. She will add a separate unseen account just for you if you are a good foot slave.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Ebony Foot Goddess

I am so addicted to Ebony Foot Goddess. She is the perfect queen for me and everytime I see her videos or photos it reminds me of how helpless she can make me feel. Her outstanding legs and betty boo calves drive me crazy to the point where I constantly think of her all throughout the day, all evening and night. When I arrive home from work, I log in to chat with her hoping that she will respond to me pleading for her attention. There are times that she does and I will send her a gift hoping that she'd continue to chat with me more. If she doesn't appear online, I will go and visit her hot ebony foot fetish site and buy more of her clips that she has for sale. I know she truly has me addicted because I can't stop thinking of her and her hot feet and legs. They way she looks with her cute little baby face and when she moves her body, legs and feet just get under my skin and it all feels so good. It is too unreal but I am so happy that my search for a ebony foot fetish Goddess has ended. If you were to visit this ebony foot fetish site, you will instantly get a hard on and you will find yourself stroking to her everyday just like I did.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ebony Feet

Gosh I live ebony feet and Ladysheer just reopened her foot fetish site!

Sexy Ebony foot fetish Princess Ladysheer at
Those sexy toes, I could eat her ebony feet for hours if she allows me to. There's no way I can turn back now from worshiping her. I am a total sucker when it comes to feet so sexy and perfect like Ladysheer's feet. She's always looking so hot and tempting when she wears those nylons and shows off her betty boo legs. I am in love with her sweet thick legs and calves. If you are a leg man, you will love hers. After getting to know her, I found that she is very intelligent and quit sensual. She is furthering her education and that was a huge turn on for me. I love a smart intelligent young lady who knows what she wants out of life. I always dream of meeting her and taking her out to a nice restaurant and I'd like her to wear some sexy nylons and tall high heels. I'd give anything just to get close to her feet in person. I have asked her when was it the best time to meet her in person because I'd spoil her pretty little feet to death. I love a woman with hot legs and small cute ebony feet and Ladysheer's feet gets me all worked up.

Her ebony feet is so predominantly sexy right along with those stallion legs of hers. If you ever came across a girl feet with truly hot legs, then you know you're a lucky man.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My thirst for sexy ebony nylon feet

Sexy Ebony Nylon Feet

I've been seeking a dominant beautiful young girl to satisfy my thirst for sexy feet. I wondered what I'd find when visiting fetish communities for a great looking girl with sexy ebony nylon feet. The search took me forever because it seems that I couldn't find the right ebony woman with the type of sexy feet that I wanted. I have seen many feet in ebony woman and I was just about to give up on them because I felt like it was hard to find sexy ebony nylon feet. It seem that if she had beautiful feet, there was something wrong with the toes. I am sort of picky when it came to licking feet and if she had bad skin, or crooked toes I'd be totally turned off by the sight. I also found that many young girls won't wear nylons or pantyhose so you can see why it seemed hard.

These are her images from her site, please do not take them. They are copyrighted. She might give you some pictures if you ask her.

I still have this thirst for sexy ebony feet in nylons and I decided to continue my search world wide until I found my dream. I started searched on the Internet and search for ebony foot fetish and on the third page I found just what I was seeking and it was unbelievable. Her name was Ladysheer and she wore nylons and pantyhose. She had great feet, wrinkle bottoms and beautiful toes that could rock the nation. She even had great Betty Boo looking legs to go along with her sexy ebony nylon feet and I was hooked from then on. It all looked to good to be true and I thought I'd never find someone so sexy with great feet in all the days of my life. I visit her site everyday and almost 8 times a day hoping to see what she is doing or wearing. I even buy her video clips hoping to get as many clips as I can showing her nylon legs and feet in high heels. It became an addiction for me and I felt I needed it. I want to love her feet so bad and I'd do just about anything if I can get close to sniff them. It is hard to find any ebony girl who look young with a great body, great hair, face and legs who wears nylons and now I found what I've been seeking. If you ever run across her site, you will be the happiest man alive because as soon as you go into her ebony foot fetish site, you wouldn't want to leave just like I felt.

Her site you can also check out her other new financial domination site here.